Hitch-hikes are usually great money-makers as they are fairly low-commitment for participants and engage students who have never fundraised before into the movement. They are great for building the brand of your student fundraising group and many students arriving at university will already be aware of them as the "highlight of the year". There are three main types of hitch-hike that student fundraising groups tend to run:

  • Lost is a charity hitch-hiking event that is being run by more and more RAGs nationwide each year. Lost is a race from a mystery drop off point back to your campus/SU with teams often having a list of challenges to complete on their return journey which can earn them time deductions and increase their chance of winning. For more information on how to run a Lost hitch-hike, click here
  • Jailbreak is the opposite of Lost, with fundraisers starting at their SU/institution and having to hitchhike to get as far away as possible.
  • Race 2 is a relatively new hitch-hike and consists of groups of students "racing" each other to an end destination. Typically these are abroad, with popular destinations including Prague, Amsterdam and more. More recently, some student fundraising groups have taken the opportunity to collaborate and send students to the other institution - the institution that gets all their teams to the opposite institution first, wins!