Fundraising groups often have many charities that they work with and fundraise for within a year. These charities tend to fit one of the following criteria:

Challenge Partners when a student fundraising group is picking challenges to run for the year, they often partner with a challenge organisation and an associated charity. Larger student fundraising groups may run four or five challenges within a year - and thus partner with the same number of charities. 

Hitch-hikes when a student fundraising group decides to run a hitch-hike, there is an important decision about which charity to raise money for. This decision is often related to which charities will resonate with their student body at that time as this will help the student fundraising group attract participants.

One-off events in addition to all the other fundraising a student fundraising group may carry out, they may also decide to run a series of one-off events. In some cases, these may form part of RAG Week. These events include things such as fashion shows, Take Me Out, Christmas markets and more. 

Charity of the Year finally, student fundraising groups may decide to raise funds throught the year for one or more charities of the year. These are usually decided by an application process or a pitching day - this is known as pitching season. They are often chosen following handover of the student fundraising group which occurs around Easter.