What is NaSFA’s rebrand competition? Well, in short, at the 2020 NaSFA Annual General Meeting, a motion was passed to create a new NaSFA brand to support the organisation's new identity, strategy and better appeal to our primary target audience. 

As part of the NaSFA rebrand competition, graphic design volunteers are to create and submit design proposals for a new NaSFA brand. These design proposals will then be put to public vote, with the winning design proposal being adopted as NaSFA’s new brand identity. 

We want to give graphic designers as much creative freedom as possible in creating NaSFA’s new brand. We do not have any specific requests except that our new brand is in alignment with our new mission, vision and values. 

More information on NaSFA's rebrand competition and a design brief can be found here 

In order to register to participate in NaSFA’s rebrand competition, please complete this form

Once registered, all rebrand competition submissions are to be made via WeTransfer to nationalsfa@gmail.com ​​​​​​by Friday 4th September at 12pm. 

If you have any questions about the rebrand competition please contact us