Lucie Cook

Student Fundraising Group: 
Portsmouth RAG


How long have you been involved in student fundraising?
Three years; this is my second year as part of Portsmouth's RAG but I was involved in READ International's Portsmouth branch in my first year as well.

Why did you get involved with student fundraising?
Someone grabbed me at Fresher's Fayre and asked if I liked books and charity (I do Literature and Creative Writing, I love books).

Where do you think NaSFA has the most potential?
Aiding communication between people in the student fundraising community.

Tell us about your favourite memory of something to do with student fundraising...
The end of year photo with the 2013/14 Portsmouth RAG committee; we raised £223,000 when our target was £150,000. 

Outside of student fundraising, what else are you interested in?
I'm part of the student newspaper at Portsmouth as well as a new member of the Reenactment Society; we hit each other with swords and pikes and then go to the pub. I've also done kung fu since I was 14.