Edward Sainsbury (Chair)

University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Secretary of Carnival RAG 2014-2015

How long have you been involved in student fundraising?

I got involved with RAG events back in school, but the first time I took on responsibilities was as a RAG Rep for my halls in 2011.

Why did you get involved with student fundraising?

Raising money is a great opportunity to do some good in the world whilst having fun and meeting new people; who wouldn't want to get in on that?

What’s the best thing about NaSFA?

I think the best thing about NaSFA is the potential it has in the future, we're at the building blocks stage but there is so much it has the potential to do to support RAGs in future years. I also love the opportunity it provides to meet amazing fundraisers across the country.

Tell us about something fun or interesting you’ve done to raise money...

I think one of my favourite things I've done to raise money was back in school when we were raising money for a charity that helped get shoes for children in the developing world and I spent a day at school in pyjamas and with nothing on my feet to raise money and awareness.

Outside of student fundraising, what else are you interested in?

I'm interested in Politics and International Affairs, I'm also a major theatre fan and I've performed in lots of shows over the years and I directed one of my favourite plays 'The Trial' in 2013.