At the 2019 AGM, a secondary committee was introduced which comprised of staff support!

Not only was this a welcome support network for the entire Association, it also allowed a wealth of knowledge from both sides!

Please meet our 2019/2020 NaSFA committee: 

Elected Chair - Becky Thomson 

Stream Leads (Staff Committee) 

Marketing and Social Media - Joshua Dickinson (Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity) 

Accountancy and Finance - Dani Griffin 

Governance and Charity Law - Jordan Howard 

Customer Client Member Relations - Calum Coker (Action Against Hunger) 

Democratic Engagement - Rebecca Wooley 

Stream Volunteers

Marketing and Social Media - Laura Carlin (Kent SU) 

Accountancy and Finance - Lyam England and James Cantwell 

Governance and Charity Law - Scott Quinn (Dundee SU) 

Customer Client Member Relations - Kat Hollywell 

Training and Development - Rhiannon Moss, Megan Rogerson and Amy Horner 

Events Management - Benjamin Shaw 

Democratic Engagement - Denis Lelin