Andy King

Student Fundraising Group: 
Warwick RAG

President (Previously Volunteering Officer, Secretary, Opinion Haver) 

How long have you been involved in student fundraising?
3 years - I was secretary of my RAG from my first term at University. 

Why did you get involved with student fundraising?
The mania of RAG Week, Boot Camp and Raiding just drew me in. 

Where do you think NaSFA has the most potential?
In its ability to inspire collaboration and assistance between student fundraisers. 

Tell us about your favourite memory of something to do with student fundraising...
Watching a student fundraising group at my university beat the world record for most people in a pair of pants - a record which was set at Birmingham RAG conference.
OR the day of bungee jumps we held for comic relief.

Outside of student fundraising, what else are you interested in?
Latin and Ballroom dancing, slam poetry, sleeping.