NaSFA Committee elections

During the NaSFA AGM you will be able to vote for your new NaSFA Committee for 2014-15.

This year the committee will consist of 6 roles, all non-portfolio. This means you aren’t elected into a specific role, instead your manifesto will become your mandate for activity on the committee.

The following principles govern the election and membership of the committee:

  • Committee members must be either a current student or sabbatical officer at a UK College or University.
  • Committee members can only serve two years on the committee, but will have to be re-elected in order to serve a second year.
  • Only students and sabbatical officers of UK Colleges or Universities are eligible to vote for committee members.
  • One vote per institution present at RAG conference (the committee will look into postal voting, transferable voting or online for RAG conference 2015).
  • Committee members will be elected using the alternative voting method. With all candidates standing for one position. The six candidates with the most votes will be elected to the committee. The committee will decide the chair amongst themselves.
  • Only one person from each institution can be on the committee, however more than one person from an institution can run in the election. The person with the most votes is eligible to be on the committee.
  • Each of 2013-14 NaSFA committee have a vote

Nominations must be received by 9:00 Wednesday 27th August. These can be handed in to the returning officer - Rosie Hunnam (NUS) at RAG Conference or emailed to Questions about the running of the elections should also be directed to Rosie.

For more information about being on committee, please email the current committee on or tweet them @nationalsfa.

The nomination pack can be downloaded here.