AGM 2014

The 2014 AGM featured:

  • Accountability report & general update from NaSFA committee
  • NaSFA Committee 2014-15 election
  • RAG Conference 2015 host election
  • Discussions around key student fundraising issues


National Student Fundraising Association AGM


27th August 2014


Section 1 - Report & Accountability (35 mins for session)

Introduction [Chair] - 5 mins

Committee Report [NaSFA Committee] - 15 mins

Question & Answer Session - 15 mins


Session 2 - Discussion Points (30 mins)

For each point a short speech will be made by the person proposing the agenda item. Then, a few questions/comments will be taken from the floor. Due to time constraints everyone may not be able to speak. Each discussion will have a minimum of 5 minutes unless no one else wishes to speak before the time is up. A vote may be taken on some discussions to get a steer from those at the AGM for the incoming committee.

i. Vote on the Election Procedure for the AGM

ii. Constitution [NaSFA Committee]

The NaSFA Committee will be asking for a mandate from the AGM for next year’s NaSFA committee to conduct a consultation, drafting and the approval of establishing a constitution for NaSFA

iii. Name of Conference [NaSFA Committee]

The NaSFA Committee will be asking for a decision from the AGM regarding the name of conference


iv. Fundraising Total [NaSFA Committee]

NaSFA are frequently asked by RAGs and Charities if there is a National total of money raised each year, in order for this to be possible in the future we are seeking a discussion on calculating of totals to inform the work of next year’s committee - this will include presenting proposals made by Independent researchers (WIG) that was done for NaSFA


v. Financial Sustainability of NaSFA [NaSFA Committee]

We are seeking a discussion of possible solutions to the problem NaSFA faces regarding resources.

If you would like something to be added to the Agenda (time permitting) please email with the title of the Agenda item, the name of your institution and a short explanation of what the discussion will focus on.


Section 3 - NaSFA Committee Election Speeches

Each candidate will get a speech between 1-2 minutes. This is dependent on the number of candidates; candidates will be informed on the day by text around lunchtime.


Section 4 - Conference Hosts Election Bids

Each Candidate will have the following:

Their 90 second video will be played.

They will then get a 2 minute speech to address conference. (Max 2 people to present)

Then the candidates will take questions from the floor. Both candidates must answer the same questions, questions may not be directed at individual bids.


Section 5 - Closing Words [NaSFA Committee]


Section 6 - Voting papers to be placed into ballot boxes upon exit of the room


Any queries, please email or tweet us @NationalSFA