History of student fundraising

Timeline of NaSFA

We're working on bringing you more information about the history of student fundraising, but for now here's the (relatively short) history of NaSFA.

RAG Conference 2011 – Durham

  • NaSFA was created at the RAG conference held in Durham in 2011 to bring student fundraising groups from across the country. It was set up initially by 16 student fundraising groups and is open to any student fundraising group across the UK.

  • Work was done, by the then DUCK Officer (from Durham), and other founding members to establish the NaSFA Facebook Group for all fundraisers, as a trouble shooting and networking environment

RAG Conference 2012 – Loughborough

  • The next NaSFA Committee was elected

  • The year was spent assessing NaSFA’s viability as an entity separate to NUS

  • Durham DUCK Officer held a regional meeting and worked on a fundraising project with Children In Need

  • NaSFA Strategy was created with short and long term goals.

RAG Conference 2013 – Birmingham

  • Election of the next Committee with non-portfolio roles (instead of specific role descriptions) at the NaSFA AGM

  • Committee vote Anna-Therese McGivern to Chair, and regular committee meetings established

  • Time spent re-assessing the NaSFA Strategy

  • NUS continue to support the work of NaSFA

  • The NaSFA survey was sent out and answered by around 30 Unions, telling us what they need from NaSFA

  • Committee members work on key projects, such as the newsletter, the resource hub, branding, regional meetings, and the website

  • Bluesplat designed the new brand for NaSFA

  • NaSFA committee attend NUS Conference Fringe and launch new website

RAG Conference 2014 - York

  • 'RAG Awards' are re-named the National Student Fundraising Awards

  • Institute of Fundraising are invited by NaSFA to attend and give a keynote speech

RAG Conference 2015 - Leeds

  • NaSFA AGM vote in favour of new NaSFA strategy

  • Awards go back to being called the 'RAG Awards'

RAG Conference 2016 - Hertfordshire

  • First regional officers are elected so that NaSFA can engage better with student fundraisers

  • NaSFA Constitution is passed by NaSFA AGM

RAG Conference 2017 - Southampton